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ShineX’s job is to support challengers to grow by nailing their positioning and closing the credibility gap between them and the industry leaders.

In the early 2000s, we joined forces as pioneers, embedding social value in large government contracts. We come from diverse backgrounds – construction and landscaping, social enterprise, investment, web dev, and digital marketing. Our mission was clear: to ensure government contracts created genuine opportunities and prosperity for local communities rather than just top-down solutions. We played a crucial role in shaping UK policies on social value, developing contract clauses, and KPI measurements still in use today. Our expertise also supported Eastern Bloc countries to adopt Social Impact Procurement.

As our journey unfolded, we recognized the transformative power of winning contracts for companies, communities, and individuals. In 2008 our focus shifted to helping companies secure contract wins, and we collaborated with some of the world’s largest companies, assisting them to win billions in contract value.

But, we found our true passion lay in supporting the underdog – the determined individuals and companies who had the desire and drive but lacked all the know-how.

Challengers are our people – startups challenging the norms, family businesses taking on industry giants, and management buyouts forging their path. We help them to tap into their best selves, highlight their strengths, and overcome credibility gaps. Our track record includes guiding a baby BPO to IPO, propelling a family-held construction company to $1 billion in revenues, and assisting SaaS startups in agile pivots.

We are a community of passionate, determined, flawed and evolving individuals who believe in continuous learning, growth, and improvement. Our mission is to empower challengers to achieve their goals and become beacons of inspiration. We believe that when individuals and companies dare to live up to their true potential and conquer their fears, they inspire others to do the same.

Through this ripple effect of liberation and empowerment, we contribute to a world where fear gives way to confidence, and the possibilities for achievement are limitless.

Our team

Core Team


Anne McNamara

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Anne is co-founder and CEO. A business leader and entrepreneur who has forged a successful career in helping organizations define their offer and develop strategies to deliver it.

Anne is focused on partnering with other entrepreneurs and leaders to help them scale their businesses. She specializes in Fit to Fight and Close the Gap methodology and business strategy. 

Location: Florida, US

Anne on  LinkedIn


Kirsten Proctor

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

ShineX UK CEO Kirsten is an expert facilitator who works with organizations to raise team performance and develop the collaborative skills and solutions that enable growth. 

Kirsten’s specialisms include Close the Gap planning and execution, bid strategy, bid development and positioning. Kirsten also leads our GrowWell and GrowLife programme.

Location: London, UK

Kirsten on  LinkedIn

Bid Strategist

Simon Pearce

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Simon is co-founder of ShineX, with more than 25 years’ experience, he is a bidding force of nature. He’s an expert at driving the best out of teams and finding new solutions that position organisations for success. 

Simon is an engaging facilitator and specializes in bid strategy, bid development, positioning and bid coaching for senior execs. 

Location: London, UK and Florida, US

Simon on LinkedIn

Head of Digital

Simon Gittins

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Simon has worked as a creative, digital and marketing specialist for more than 30 years, supporting both blue-chip clients and start ups. 

Simon’s specialties include digital marketing and strategy, project management, campaign creation and deployment, SEO and software development. 

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Simon on LinkedIn

Lead Creative

Chelsey O’Neill

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Chelsey brings over 20 years’ experience of creative design to countless winning bids and campaigns. 

Chelsey has a great talent for bringing ordinary subject matter to life through visually stunning design. 

Location: London, UK

Head of Content

Lamese Waterfield

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Lamese is a content and brand specialist with over 18 years of experience working for companies in media, financial services, and communication consultancy.

Lamese specializes in helping companies find innovative brand, messaging, and marketing solutions.

Location: Malaga, Spain

Lamese on  LinkedIn

Creative Growth Strategist

Eli Heller

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Eli is a creative growth specialist with expertise in writing, communications strategy, and executive coaching.

Fluent in English, German, French, Polish, Russian and Chinese languages Eli is a full-stack communications expert.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Eli on  LinkedIn

Marketing Executive

Ian Creado

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Ian has over 5 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing, navigating startups from early stages to growth.

He specializes in Inbound and Outbound Marketing, coupled with adept campaign management.

Location: Mumbai, India

Ian on  LinkedIn


Salia Mogenson

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Researcher Salia is a 20-year veteran consultant providing research, competitive insights and strategy for BPO, infrastructure and construction clients.

Salia specializes in intelligence for deals, competitors and bid strategies. 

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Salia on LinkedIn

Bid Consultant

Laura Hill

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Laura helps companies establish their bidding functions from scratch, and has coached C-suite executives in bid development.

Laura’s specialisms include bid management, strategy, writing and review. She guides teams through the process and takes the pain away to produce compelling and authentic winning submissions.  

Location: Kent, UK

Laura on LinkedIn


Yasmin Nash

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Yasmin is a creative graphic designer with a flair for strategy and an eye for detail. She provides creative and compelling design solutions in bidding and beyond. 

Location: London, UK

Yasmin on LinkedIn

Bid and Marketing Consultant

Nuha Al-Qassab

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Nuha is an adept bidder and facilitator who links technical solutions to client benefits. She has more than a decade of experience of executing successful bidding strategies in both the public and private sectors.

Nuha specializes in bid strategy, management, writing and review and campaign management. She blends storytelling, strategy and persuasion tactics (magic) to create winning offers. 

Location: London, UK

Digital Designer

Kate Delaney

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Kate is a multidisciplinary visual designer with a background in supporting large campaigns with website design from concept to delivery and creating high-quality mulit-platform marketing materials.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Kate on LinkedIn


David Feldman

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

David brings a commercial focus that enables us to reach our potential and add value to clients. He’s open, down to earth and brings extensive practical experience in business planning, financial management and raising finance. 

Location: St. Albans, UK

Andy on  LinkedIn

Chief Administration Officer

Andy Saunders

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Andy keeps all things finance on the straight and narrow and makes sure everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes.

Having previously worked with an award-winning e-commerce startup, he knows how to keep his ear to the ground and sniff out measurements for improvement, sustainability and growth.

Location: Georgia, US

Andy on  LinkedIn

Executive Assistant

Josh Bailey

Ground Xero | Marketing | Bids | Operations

Josh has over 25 years’ experience in business operations and has been an Executive Assistant to an impressive A-list of entrepreneurs.

Josh keeps us all on track and solves problems at the drop of a hat. We’d be lost without him. 

Location: Nîmes, France

Josh on  LinkedIn

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“As we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other
people permission to do the
same. As we are liberated from
our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others.”

Anne McNamara, Co-Founder, ShineX

Potential drives us

This quote from Marianne Williamson is why our co-founder Anne McNamara named this company ShineX. It beautifully captures the belief in our potential when liberated from fear and constraints. Applying this principle at an individual, community, or company level has been a lifelong drive for most of the team at ShineX.

We are energized by challengers’ drive to take on the complacency of the big boys and demonstrate that there is always a better way. We love playing a part in their journey by providing the roadmap and chutzpa to win a battle or two and fulfill their potential.

We are honored to be in a position to help others reach their potential. ShineX supports 60 children in Katumani, Kenya, with basic needs and education support. Thanks to the compassion of our team and clients, we helped 50 women and children escape Ukraine and Afghanistan to build a new life in Europe.