• The Client Andrew Scott Ltd (ASL) is a prominent force in both Civil Engineering and Building. Established in 1970 and based in Port Talbot, South Wales, they deliver complex design and build projects across the United Kingdom while remaining fiercely proud of their Welsh roots. The Challenge During our discovery period with the pre-construction [...]

  • The Client  Octavius (formally Osobrne Infrastructure) www.octavius.co.uk This dynamic, infrastructure business grew steadily through securing major quasi-public sector government road and rail contracts. Over several years, it evolved from an under-the-radar tier 2 Principal Contractor bidding at the £10 million contract level to a major Framework partner and noteworthy player in the infrastructure industry. [...]

  • ShineX compiled the following list of the top 50 reasons companies choose to outsource. Cost Savings: Outsourcing can often be more cost effective than hiring in-house staff. Focus on Core Activities: Allows you to focus on core business functions while non-core tasks are handled by experts. Global Talent Pool: Tap into a global talent [...]

  • Cracking SEO as a BPO challenger in the SaaS industry is your ticket to visibility. Let's break it down step by step. Step Up Your Keyword Research: Example: Identify keywords specific to SaaS scalability, such as "cloud integration solutions" and "scalable software outsourcing," ensuring your SEO strategy aligns with the language and needs of [...]

  • For BPO challengers focusing on Traveltech, starting small is the initial step to triumph. By defining a precise ICP, pursuing strategic targets, and diversifying success stories, you can carve a niche and foster sustainable growth in the industry. Explore these ideas on how a precision-focused approach can elevate your Traveltech BPO - Craft Your [...]

  • For BPOs in Fintech, starting small is the foundation for strategic growth. By defining a niche ICP, pursuing targeted logos, and showcasing successes, your BPO can become a go-to partner in the evolving landscape of Financial Technology. Here are a few things to consider in your next targeted pursuit: Targeted Pursuit in Payment Solutions: [...]

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    Strong BPO challengers don't scatter efforts; they build strategically. Explore the impact of leveraging existing client experiences to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within eCommerce. Build a tight list of prospects, elevating your BPO's profile and awareness in the eCommerce support landscape. Targeted Pursuit in Customer Support Solutions: Channel your efforts into specific [...]

  • In SaaS, target precision over volume. Focus on niches, e.g. project management tools. Build a tight prospect list using client success stories. Elevate your profile in project management circles. How do you Run Targeted Pursuit: Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Dive deep into your existing SaaS client's experiences to precisely shape your Ideal [...]