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  • In SaaS, target precision over volume. Focus on niches, e.g. project management tools. Build a tight prospect list using client success stories. Elevate your profile in project management circles.

    How do you Run Targeted Pursuit:

    Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

    Dive deep into your existing SaaS client’s experiences to precisely shape your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Tailor your solutions […]

  • traveltech bpo

    How to to ‘Powerfully Position’ in the Traveltech world. Understand your customers, their pain points, and size up the competition. 

    Defined Buyer, ICP, Competitors, Category, Landscape, Opportunities

    Who is your buyer? Define them – they may include executives from travel technology companies, booking platforms, or tourism agencies. Tailor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Traveltech companies seeking to enhance customer experiences and streamline […]

  • fintech bpo

    ‘Powerfully Position’ is the first of our 10 steps in our Challenger BPO GTM Strategy, what does it mean and how can you apply this in various industries? 

    In this post we’re focusing on Fintech and what you need to stand for something authentic and let it shine in your brand and content:

    Defined Buyer, ICP, Competitors, Category, Landscape, Opportunities

    In the […]

  • healthcare bpo

    Let’s explore how to ‘Powerfully Position’ and initiate the journey in the critical industry of healthcare.

    First we’ll delve into the specific steps a healthcare-focused BPO can take to apply this approach:

    Defined Buyer, ICP, Competitors, Category, Landscape, Opportunities

    In healthcare BPO, your defined buyer may include healthcare administrators or Chief Information Officers. Tailor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to healthcare providers […]

  • Where should emerging BPO’s prioritize their sales and marketing spend? With the Big Box BPOs spending an average of $260 million* per annum on sales and marketing, Challengers, with a fraction of the budget, lower brand awareness, and fewer logos have to prioritize their sales and marketing efforts to get to 10,000 FTEs.  The [...]

  • We love to see what happens when the feet follow the heart, opening up a world of opportunities. We met these entrepreneurs in Prague and loved the story of how a pilgrimage to India changed their lives.

  • We thought psychedelics belonged to spiritual seekers or ravers until we met 'Silicon Valley's' Bertram Gilfoyle and his microdosing antics. Turns out, that there's a fascinating blend of science, creativity, and a touch of Silicon Valley-style quirkiness, in this growing trend.

  • The story of William, an undocumented migrant, ending up in Ireland, a country he had barely heard of, hiding from immigration and finally building one of the most diverse companies in the region.

  • Here at ShineX, despite our youthful looks, we’ve been around the block a few times.

    A new UK government means a shakedown of the status quo, a lengthy pause and a new focus.

    We consider what a new government might bring and review opportunities and threats for those whose businesses are built on government contracts.

  • For BPO vendors, we look at the latest marketing trends across champions and challengers. This whitepaper is packed with competitor insight to supercharge your strategy for 2024.