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Anne McNamara
BPO and Talent Solutions Expert

BPO Marketing – All You Need To Know About Marketing For Business Process Outsourcing Verticals

Serious about scaling your BPO?

Let us have a look under the hood and see if we can help you scale faster.

ShineX specializes in working with BPO companies who want to scale

We help BPOs to focus on target activity in their key vertical industries. From Healthcare BPO to Travel and Hospitality, SaaS, Fintech and a host of other verticals, ShineX helps companies to scale their desired verticals by following our 10 step BPO strategy.

Below you will see posts organized by positioning, pursuit marketing and the BPO blog category. Do you need help marketing your BPO vertical industries? Contact us to arrange a discovery call. We love exploring challenging opportunities to help BPO companies grow via astute positioning and pursuit based targeted content marketing.

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