• UK Defence Bid

    Client: International engineering firm

    Sector: Defence

    Output: Competitor assessment


    A defence contractor pursuing a £600 million military contract needed to analyze its competitors and how they posed a threat.


    We analysed the competitor landscape,conducted a deep dive into eight competitors and prioritised the threat each competitor poses. As part of our research, we conducted a similar profile of our client to gain an understanding of how their competitors view them.


    Our analysis enabled the client to address gaps in their offering and track record by bringing in new capabilities to augment their bid team and neutralize competitors’ strengths.

  • US Ecommerce RFP

    Client: BPO vendor

    Sector: Ecommerce

    Output: Bid Intel Report


    Our client was competing to provide customer support services to a first-time outsourcer who was growing rapidly with sales reaching $225m. Having no prior relationship with the company, our client needed an in-depth analysis of their needs quickly.


    We researched the company to understand their in-house customer support services and key decision-makers. We analyzed the company’s business strategy, marketing, and external reviews to establish their key pain points and priorities.


    As a result of our analysis, the client was able to develop a major technology differentiator that addressed the customer’s immediate pain points.