• US Gaming CX RFP

    Client: International BPO

    Sector: Media

    Output: Full RFP management


    This was our client’s first mega RFP for a global gaming giant looking for next-level gamer CX support. The client did not have the in-house resources to handle a bid of this magnitude and needed external bid leadership and day-to-day management.


    To lead the RFP, we assigned a dedicated Bid Manager to our client. Our responsibilities included setting up bid controls, assigning and managing deliverables, peer reviews and quality control, and delivering the final upload.


    Our client won a major line of business with this customer as a result of the RFP submitted.

  • UK Major Construction Framework Bids 2012-2023

    Client: Tier 1 Contractor

    Sector: Construction

    Output: Full bid management from start to submission


    With multiple bids on the go, the client needed an external team they could trust to develop and submit their bid.


    We provided a dedicated bid lead supported by a three-person team. We were responsible for the end-to-end bid process, including setting up bid processes and controls, leading daily scrum calls, managing each bid deliverable, and uploading the final submission.


    Together, we evidenced the right blend of quality, value, and capacity to deliver diverse projects and secured a position on this competitive, multibillion-pound framework.