US Social Media
Outsourcing RFP

Client: International BPO

Sector: Social Media

Output: Win strategy


For our client, this bid was a must-win since it would cement their position in the content moderation space. They needed a powerful bid win strategy to beat the bigger competitors.


We provided our client with a deep analysis of the customer’s needs, wants, and pain points to inform their thinking. We held a series of workshops with the bid team to create a win strategy, win themes, and align solutions with requirements. This enabled us to create a strong value proposition that resonated with the customer. We articulated their offering in a compelling executive summary.


The RFP was won by our client. Adding the new customer contributed significantly to our client’s revenue growth.

UK Regional Framework Bid

Client: UK PLC

Sector: Construction

Output: Solution development


The client needed support to elevate their delivery solutions to secure a position on a highly competitive public sector regional framework.


We worked closely with the client team to develop detailed solutions for social value, carbon reduction and framework management. We provided ongoing support and advice to ensure solutions were refined as updated information became available. This was incorporated into the answer plans we developed and the final bid responses.


The client secured a place on the framework, and their solution raised their profile to the procurer and spotlighted their capabilities in the social value and carbon reduction fields.