US Ecommerce Brand

Client: International BPO

Sector: Ecommerce

Output: Presentation preparation


The client needed help structuring their RFP presentation for a leading ecommerce marketplace.


We facilitated virtual workshops with the client team to develop the presentation structure and messaging. We produced all supporting decks and visuals including turning complex information into easy-to-understand graphics. We conducted virtual rehearsals and reviews, providing quality assurance to ensure consistency of messaging across all materials.


The result was a presentation that brought their RFP submission to life, showcasing their strengths and why they were the right partner for the project.

UK Rail Framework Bid

Client: Infrastructure contractor

Sector: Transport

Output: ITT Interview preparation


The UK’s rail agency leads the industry in building collaborative partnerships with suppliers who demonstrate aligned behaviours. As part of the bidding process, our client needed coaching preparation for behavioural assessment interviews.


We facilitated collaborative behavioural workshops, providing an experienced training team to develop behavioural, relationship and interpersonal skills. We used Personality Profiling such as Insights and DISC for each individual to further understand their teamworking behaviours and style. After 4 days of prepping, all speakers were speaking without notes. We produced targeted presentation material, and a powerful leave-behind was developed.


We prepped for the tough questions and had no surprises. Our client scored top on the presentation and ultimately won the bid.