How to to ‘Powerfully Position’ in the Traveltech world. Understand your customers, their pain points, and size up the competition. 

Defined Buyer, ICP, Competitors, Category, Landscape, Opportunities

Who is your buyer? Define them – they may include executives from travel technology companies, booking platforms, or tourism agencies. Tailor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Traveltech companies seeking to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. Analyze competitors within the Traveltech BPO category, e.g. focusing on those specializing in customer relationship management or itinerary planning; explore opportunities in 2024 travel trends such as home swapping and slow tourism. 

Value Proposition Centered on the Buyer

Craft a value proposition that directly speaks to the unique challenges and aspirations of the Traveltech sector. For example, “Elevate your Traveltech offerings with our advanced data analytics, streamlined customer support, and agile back-office solutions. From optimizing booking processes to delivering personalized 24/7 customer service, we’re your strategic partner in transforming the way people experience travel.”

Messaging Aligned to Team, Buyers, Centered on Value, Reinforced by Brand

Align messaging with travel technology teams and decision-makers. Prioritize the value your BPO services bring to their goals, such as improving user interfaces or optimizing backend processes. Reinforce your messaging with a bold brand.

GTM 100% Focused on Defined Verticals, Targeted ICP, Proven Outreach Strategy, Defined Reach, Specific ROI

Tailor your Go-To-Market strategy to this vertical. Target your Ideal Customer Profile with a proven outreach strategy, which might include partnerships with popular travel platforms or participation in industry-specific events. Define the reach of your initiatives within the Traveltech community and communicate specific ROI metrics tied to improved user satisfaction and increased efficiency in travel operations.

Understanding the key elements for a powerful position in Traveltech is just the beginning. 

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