The Client 

Octavius (formally Osobrne Infrastructure)

This dynamic, infrastructure business grew steadily through securing major quasi-public sector government road and rail contracts. Over several years, it evolved from an under-the-radar tier 2 Principal Contractor bidding at the £10 million contract level to a major Framework partner and noteworthy player in the infrastructure industry.

The Challenge 

This upward trajectory unlocked opportunities for high-value, multi-year contracts worth over £200 million. These opportunities, however, pitted Octavius against corporate giants in the sector, with their deep pockets, vast resources, and significant investment in research, development, and innovation. Now our client was in direct competition with public limited companies that had years of experience delivering results at scale for quasi-public sector bodies funded directly by government departments. While our client had some brand presence, they were mostly known as a reliable second-tier contractor with a less pronounced profile in leadership and innovation.

This challenger brought us in with a mission: help them secure a share of a $2.5bn five-year rail contract.

What we loved to see in this challenger

  • An unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction that was uncommon in the sector.
  • Deep-rooted innovation in processes, technology, and machinery, though often hidden within everyday operations.
  • A market-leading approach to behavioral and culture change
  • A collaborative approach and willingness to be flexible and open to new ideas.

What We Did

Our approach included extensive research on the competitors and profiling their offerings, resulting in a gap analysis between Octavius and the legacy providers. We evaluated the existing framework of operations, uncovering significant inefficiencies, outdated work methods, and less-than-satisfactory client outcomes, particularly regarding the speed of project initiation.

Working together to challenge the status quo we soon discovered that revolutionizing the process didn’t require a novel invention. By streamlining operations, we could facilitate quicker project kick-offs, uphold rigorous standards, and boost efficiency, and keep the rail client in the driving seat.

For the bid, we transformed the working framework between the contractor and the client, dismantling myths and antiquated practices. This was done at a deeply granular level to instill confidence in our offer.

What We Delivered

Ground Xero Positioning

  • Fit 2 Fight
  • Close the Gap

Produce High Quality Content

  • Graphics
  • Infographics
  • sales enablement collateral

Bids Supported

  • Network Rail CP7 Southern Integrated Delivery (SID) Southern Region Electification and Plant
  • Network Rail Wales and Western CP7 Renewals Framework
  • Connect Plus M25 Motorway Network Improvements Call Off Framework Agreement (COFA 3 and 2)
  • Highways England CDF M5 Junction 6 RIS Improvement Scheme
  • Highways England Regional Delivery Partnership Delivery Integration Partnerships (DIP)
  • Midlands Highways Alliance (MHA) Framework
  • Network Rai CP6 Southern Multi-Disciplinary Framework
  • Network Rail CP6  Wales and Western Civils Framework
  • Eastern Highways Alliance Framework 3 and 2
  • Highways England Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF)
  • Highways England Concrete Roads Framework (JV)
  • Transport for London, London Rail Infrastructure Improvement Framework
  • Network Rail CP5 Southern IP Civils Framework Bids
  • Network Rail CP5 Wales and Western Civils Framework
  • Highways Agency Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF)
  • Connect Plus Lifecycle Renewals (M25) Framework 2016
  • Gatwick Airport Limited Construction Framework
  • M27 Romsey Road Bridge Replacement
  • M271 Redbridge Roundabout Improvements

What We Continue To Do

Market analysis, competitor research, bid and framework renewal, solution development, training, coaching and mentoring, 

The Impact

Octavius won the five-year framework, valued at £200m. Together we have won the renewal of this framework since. After being acquired by a private equity firm, they are now actively in growth and acquisition mode.

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