Insights change the game. Here are a couple of anonymized case studies that showcase the impact quality intelligence and insights can have on the pursuit.

The defence contractor seeking certainty

An international defense contractor was in the pursuit stage for a $600m+ five-year framework contract. They undertook a high-level competitor research exercise to obtain a threat ranking. They required additional assurance of the accuracy of their findings. ShineX launched a deep dive into the competitors using high-quality research approaches that revealed new information. Our analysis included an independent review of their perceived strengths and weaknesses and a predicated win opportunity forecast.

This due diligence substantially revised the competitor threat ratings, removing three competitors completely and re-ranking the remaining, whilst also reducing our clients’ predicted win opportunity. We presented and substantiated our findings and provided positioning recommendations and structural changes to the proposed approach to further neutralize competitors’ threats whilst increasing our client’s alignment with the year-on-year framework outcomes.

These insights catalyzed a revised service solution, a key acquisition, and a bid win.

The BPO looking for the edge

The market is awash with technical innovation that removes pain points, improves efficiency, and is the magic bullet to a critical problem..but a challenger can’t risk investing in technology on the off chance that it will resonate with a prospect’s pain point.

Our client, an innovative US-based BPO, was competing to provide customer support services to a first-time outsourcer who was growing rapidly, with sales reaching $225m. Having no prior relationship with the company, our client needed an in-depth analysis of their needs and priorities quickly.

We researched the target’s in-house customer support services; we analyzed their reviews to establish their consistent areas of underperformance. We confirmed the drivers of the key decision-makers. Once we were confident that the prospects were highly motivated in tech-first solutions, we recommended a set of tech solutions to complement the BPO service.

This major technology differentiator was a considerable factor in winning the work.



Positioning is the GroundXero of your work-winning strategy. It’s the game-changer that defines your place in the market, your target market and your Ideal Customer Profile.  Positioning serves as a powerful compass, directing marketing efforts. Here are a few snapshots of challengers that we supported to shift focus.


Close the Gap

If you can do it but can’t write it, you can’t win it.

We establish the Minimum Viable Collateral that a challenger needs to compete with the incumbent. We identify the gaps between what they have and what their legacy competitors will have. We build it out and support the challenger to own, improve, and drive it forward.


Brand and Web Development

Positioning lays the groundwork for effective branding and web strategies. Once your brand’s positioning is established, we tailor the branding and online presence to align, which might involve minor adjustments or a complete transformation. This alignment reinforces your position in the market.

We bring a blend of messaging, design, and SEO expertise to deliver a powerful brand and web presence.

All to bring a potent edge to your pursuit strategy.


Sales Enablement Collateral

Rev up your sales game with content that sparks meaningful dialogue and delivers results. We develop powerful multimedia collateral to give your work-winning team the edge they need.

  • Pitch decks
  • Proactive proposals

  • Product marketing collateral

  • Customer success stories

  • Testimonials – video and copy

  • Presentation decks

  • Product one-pagers

  • Explainer videos

  • Case studies

  • Solution briefs

  • Battlecards


Content designed for your pursuit

We produce powerful content that adds value, information, and new ideas.

It’s not written for SEO optimization. It’s not written by ChatGPT. It’s written for your targets. It’s pursuit-focused, topic-identified, well-researched, SME-supported, quality written content.

Targeted at your pursuits to open conversations and validate trust.

  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks

  • Case studies

  • Infographics

  • Video content

  • Templates and toolkits

  • Interactive quizzes and assessments

  • Expert guides and tutorials

  • ShineX premium content 1
  • ShineX premium content 2
  • ShineX premium content example 3
  • ShineX premium content example 4
  • ShineX premium content 5
  • ShineX Premium Content 6


Campaign Management

We blend targeted pursuit with scalable, affordable, and broader market campaigns that maximize your reach.

  • Social engagement

  • Database building

  • Email marketing

  • Newsletter engagement

  • Landing page development

  • Website widget tools

  • Search engine optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization

Bids, RFP, Proposals

We are very proud of our accomplishments in winning bids and proposals. The numbers speak for themselves.

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