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Get it right and it’s the game-changer that redefines how you connect, captivate, and conquer your target market.

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What we do


We position you confidently with research-backed insights through our Fit2Fight methodology.

Close the Gap

We define key operational gaps and craft solutions to close the gap between you and legacy companies with our Close the Gap plan.


research driven positioning


Define the problem your service / product solves

Map how your service / product addresses the problem

Research the Customer

Establish the profile of your current customer

Establish how they found you

Undertake interviews / surveys with representative sample of customers and prospects to understand drivers and experience

Define the Landscape

Define the category you occupy - is it established or new?

Identify the competitors and map them on price, service, features

Define where your company is positioned in the landscape in relation to service and maturity

Assess the GTM Health

Define the current resources - team, budget, material and assess for readiness

Undertake sales and marketing review

Define the key evidence needed to win bids and RFP and assess for readiness

Generate Insights

Establish Research Conclusions:

The ideal problem scenario

The ideal customer profile

The ideal offer

The ideal resource plan

The gap analysis between now and ideal

Define Value

Articulate a Value Proposition that:

Captures your features and benefits

Addresses the customer pain points and aspirations

Define key Marketing KPIs

GTM Plan

Outline 90,180, 270, 365 day plan that includes:

Messaging Infrastructure

Channel investment plan

Team structure and growth plan

Prospect to Customer journey collateral requirements

Define MQL / SQL / Close rates Web / UX / SEO performance levels

Close the Gap Plan

Define the operational evidence gaps

Create plan to close the gap

Find, create, acquire the MVP evidence to close the gap against legacy providers

Close the Gap

If you can do it but can’t write it,

you can’t win it.

Challengers win through creativity, grit, and hustle – inventing and evolving on the run. It’s energizing, but it’s not sustainable.

When you find yourself losing the fourth pitch in a month to more established competition, the day has come to close the gap.

We nail what you’ve got, outline where you’re coming up short, and double down on closing that gap with our Close the Gap plan.

Gaps closed, barriers reduced.

Don’t just take our word for it

After the 2008 recession, we had to transform from the PPP sector to the private sector, which ShineX helped us to do. They understood how the private sector worked and educated our teams, providing flexibility to deliver opportunities and win more work.

Harry Townley,
Head of Work Winning, Balfour Beatty

The growth rates that we have seen since working with ShineX have been in the triple digits on an annual basis.

This is pretty unique for our industry.

Bryce Maddock,
CEO, TaskUs

ShineX helped us create strategic solutions to go the extra mile, raise our standards, and create a fantastic proposition for our customers, beating big competitors and allowing us to deliver a record sales year.

Matt Smith,
Managing Director Rail, Osborne (now Octavius)

ShineX has been an enormous help, particularly when pitching to large companies, they give us the ability to hone our message, and they do an awesome job of getting to know the customer and making sure that we demonstrate our value.

Ross Schibler,
CEO, Opsani

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