In the BPO world, being smart with proposals can make a big difference. Let’s dive into how Challenger BPOs are making tailored proposals work across different industries in their 10-step strategy.


In healthcare, it’s about connecting at the right time. Craft proposals that solve specific problems, like tricky billing or communication gaps with patients. Even if they’re not ready to buy yet, your proposal adds value and sets the stage for future teamwork.


In the financial tech world, knowing the pain points early on is key. Create proposals that tackle challenges, such as dealing with regulations or making payments smoother. These early proposals start conversations and pave the way for future partnerships.


For travel tech, keep things warm by presenting proposals as powerful solutions. Find out what issues they face, like problems with booking or customer experiences, and offer smart proposals. Being proactive opens the door to early talks and shows your BPO as an active and creative partner.


In the software world, it’s about understanding challenges like growing too fast or making the user experience better. Develop proposals that solve these problems and showcase the benefits of your BPO. Being proactive sparks early talks and positions your BPO as a leader in the software game.

Smart proposals, tailored to industry problems, are the secret sauce for Challenger BPO success. Whether it’s healthcare, Fintech, Traveltech, or SaaS, their 10-step strategy shows how to stand out. 

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