How we work

We produce content that connects with your pursuits. We deploy it to where they are and build trust and credibility.

What we do

Produce. Connect. Analyse

marketing pursuit

Content Marketing
designed for pursuit

Data-driven content planning
Creative ideation
Brand development
Sales enablement collateral

Drive Digital

Web development
Marketing automation set up
Campaign management
Social engagement
Database building
Email marketing
Newsletter engagement
Landing page development


Data driven decision making
Monitoring and accountability
Identifying trends
Measuring success
Cost reduction
Improved communication
Goal setting and KPIs
Real-time insights
Strategic planning

marketing pursuit

Content Marketing targeted to your pursuits

We take the heavy lifting from the Ground Xero work – messaging, positioning, market, and competitor analysis and craft content plans that reinforce your positioning and establish you as the challenger to be reckoned with.

Content planning

We craft strategies based on tangible data-driven from Ground Xero. This ensures that our approach is always relevant, targeted, and effective, setting your brand apart in the digital realm.

Creative ideation

With a blend of industry insights and pure creativity, we brainstorm groundbreaking ideas that resonate with your audience, ensuring that your brand narrative is always fresh and compelling.

Brand development

In the digital landscape, your brand carries weight. We tap into the essence of what sets you apart. With a thoughtful and measured approach, we carve out a brand identity that not only aligns with your challenger spirit but also resonates deeply with your audience. Stand out, not just for the sake of it, but with purpose and authenticity.


Quality content is our hallmark. Our team produces compelling, consistent content and in line with your brand voice, propelling you ahead of the competition.


We produce in-depth whitepapers that not only address pressing industry issues but also position your brand as a thought leader, showcasing depth and expertise.


A picture speaks a thousand words, and our graphic team ensures it speaks volumes about your brand. Through captivating visuals, we enhance content appeal, making your brand unforgettable in the eyes of your audience.


Complex data need not be boring. Our infographics transform intricate information into visually appealing, digestible content, ensuring your audience grasps every detail while staying engaged.

Sales enablement collateral

We have crafted hundreds of items of sales enablement collateral that not only bolster your sales processes but also ensure potential leads convert, driving your business growth.

  • Pitch decks: Persuasive presentations that showcase your product or service and captivate potential investors or clients.

  • Proactive proposals: Customized proposals that proactively address client needs, demonstrating your understanding and expertise.

  • Case studies: Real-life examples that highlight the successful outcomes and benefits your products or services have delivered.

  • Customer success stories: Engaging narratives that showcase how your solutions have helped customers achieve their goals.Testimonials – video and copy: Authentic feedback from satisfied customers that builds trust and credibility.

  • Presentation decks: Engaging visual aids for delivering impactful presentations that resonate with your audience.

  • Product one-pagers: Concise and informative documents that provide a quick overview of your product’s features and benefits.

  • Explainer videos: Engaging videos that simplify complex concepts, demonstrating the value of your solutions.

  • Product marketing collateral: Brochures, flyers, and other materials that effectively highlight the key features and benefits of your offerings.

  • Solution briefs: Succinct documents that outline how your solutions address specific customer pain points and provide value.

  • Battlecards: Concise reference materials that equip your sales team with key selling points and competitive advantages.

Performance Data Reporting

We report on campaign performance by utilizing data analytics and leveraging marketing automation tools.

Data Driven Decision Making

We apply advanced data analytics techniques to extract meaningful insights from campaign data, enabling data-driven decision-making and identifying areas for improvement.

ShineX create monthly, quarterly and annual reports articulating effective communication, fostering accountability and support data-driven decision-making for clients and their stakeholders by offering clear snapshots of performance.

Monitoring and Accountability

With performance data reporting, we track progress and hold our team accountable for their performance. This transparency can drive improved results.

We insist on creating performance data reporting to hold ourselves accountable whether our clients want to see the reports or not!

Identifying Trends

ShineX can spot trends and patterns in our client data, this helps us to anticipate changes in the market or within our clients organization. This can be invaluable for staying competitive. Content trends can be highlighted and helps us to understand which content pieces are engaging our target audiences the most. Popular articles can be turned into full sections or even big rock content based on what the audience data feeds back to our team.

Measuring success

Reporting helps measure the success of various initiatives or projects. It provides a clear picture of whether we are meeting our goals and objectives. In combination with other data reporting metrics measuring success drives the direction of our next initiatives or projects.

Cost reduction

By analyzing data, ShineX can help our clients identify areas where they can potentially cut costs or optimize processes. This can lead to significant savings.

Improved communication

Reporting tools often offer visualization options, making it easier to communicate complex data to stakeholders, clients, or team members. ShineX view articulation of our collective strategy as being just as important as deploying it.

Goal setting and KPIs

Performance data reporting helps us to set and track Key Performance Indicators. This is crucial for setting goals and ensuring they are met on an iterative and incremental basis.

Competitive Analysis

ShineX compare  performance data with that of our clients competitors. This often reveals areas of improvement to gain a competitive edge. This also sets the scene in terms of setting realistic expectations across a host of competitor landscape and research metrics.

Real-time insights

The digital world is evolutionary by nature. ShineX embrace change and act upon real-time data. This provides us with a constant flow of insights allowing us to react quickly to changing marketplace circumstances and opportunities.

Strategic planning

Performance data informs our strategic planning. In turn this guides the direction of our content and goal oriented development.

Don’t just take our word for it

Ten years on ShineX keep adding value, from positioning our offerings, entering new markets, and winning new clients. 

John Dowsett
CEO, Octavius

After the recession, we had to transform from the PPP sector to the private sector which Shine helped us to do. 

They clearly understood how the private sector worked and educated our teams, providing flexibility to deliver more opportunities and win more work.

Harry Townley
Head of Work Winning, Balfour Beatty

ShineX helped us with a major brand overhaul and delivered our first integrated annual marketing plan across digital and physical assets.

Ian Jackson
Enshored, CEO

ShineX transformed the way we go to market.

Bryce Maddox
TaskUs, CEO

ShineX supported Certa to expand our positioning from a Third Party Risk Management platform to a Third Party Lifecycle Management platform. 

They transformed how we defined our features, benefits and messaging.

James King
Head of Marketing, Certa

Our positioning shifted from “the future of work” to “the future of learning” putting Hundo ahead of the game for current workplace trends and setting us up for continued success.

Esther O’Callaghan, OBE
Founder, Hundo

Events and Masterclasses

We provide training and resources to founders, marketers, and bidders to reach their full potential through practical professional training, personal development workshops, and uplifting community gatherings.


On demand B2B and B2G professional training and skill development


Community get-togethers and
networking events


Scheduled events to support a growth mindset for
success in all areas of life


Our invitation-only annual well-being retreat. Where we bring it all together