For BPOs in Fintech, starting small is the foundation for strategic growth. By defining a niche ICP, pursuing targeted logos, and showcasing successes, your BPO can become a go-to partner in the evolving landscape of Financial Technology.

Here are a few things to consider in your next targeted pursuit:

Targeted Pursuit in Payment Solutions:

Focus your efforts on specific sectors within Fintech, like payment processing solutions. Craft a targeted pursuit plan, targeting 10 payment solution providers in non-competing territories or service lines.

Identify Buying Committees and Influencers:

Identify buying committees and influencers within your target logos. Tailor your approach based on the key decision-makers shaping the industry.

Multi-Format Success Stories:

Showcase success through diverse formats—case studies, testimonials, and success stories. Repurpose experiences from the same Fintech client across various formats to amplify your BPO’s profile within the sector.

Expansion to Adjacent Sectors:

As deals close in the targeted Fintech verticals, strategically expand into adjacent sectors. This gradual approach generates invitations to RFP lists and warms up prospects for proactive proposals.

Mastered your targeted pursuit? 

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