In SaaS, target precision over volume. Focus on niches, e.g. project management tools. Build a tight prospect list using client success stories. Elevate your profile in project management circles.

How do you Run Targeted Pursuit:

Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

Dive deep into your existing SaaS client’s experiences to precisely shape your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Tailor your solutions to cater specifically to emerging SaaS companies in the project management sector, for example.

Targeted Pursuit Plan:

Craft a focused pursuit plan for maximum efficiency. If your flagship client is a project management tool, strategically pursue similar apps in different territories or targeting unique niches within the project management landscape.

Case Studies and Multi-Format Success Stories:

Showcase the success of your flagship client through compelling case studies, testimonials, and success stories. Utilize these experiences across different formats to increase your visibility within the SaaS community, emphasizing your expertise in the project management niche.

Expansion into Adjacent Verticals:

Once you’ve established success in the project management niche, strategically extend your services into adjacent sectors. For instance, if you’ve excelled in project management tools, consider branching into collaboration or communication tools within the SaaS ecosystem.

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