For BPO challengers focusing on Traveltech, starting small is the initial step to triumph. By defining a precise ICP, pursuing strategic targets, and diversifying success stories, you can carve a niche and foster sustainable growth in the industry.

Explore these ideas on how a precision-focused approach can elevate your Traveltech BPO –

Craft Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

Delve into the experiences of your existing Traveltech clients to meticulously shape your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Tailor your services to align seamlessly with the needs of this specialized sector, such as hotel booking platforms.

Strategic Pursuit of Prospects:

Develop a strategic pursuit plan tailored to Traveltech. If your key logo is a hotel booking platform, strategically target similar platforms in non-competing territories or focus on specialized areas within the travel industry.

Diversify Success Stories:

Showcase success through diverse formats—case studies, testimonials, and success stories. Multi-use experiences from the same client across various formats to increase your visibility within the Traveltech community, showcasing expertise in hotel booking and beyond.

Expansion to Adjacent Sectors:

As success unfolds in targeted Traveltech verticals, expand strategically into adjacent sectors. For instance, if your BPO excelled in hotel booking, consider venturing into other travel-related sectors like online travel agencies or travel management platforms.

What’s next and what else do I need to know about targeted pursuit? 

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