ShineX compiled the following list of the top 100 BPO verticals.

From our experience working with BPO’s, the smaller ones tend not to specialize in set verticals. At the beginning, BPOs want to broad-brush their service offerings. This feels safe and doesn’t repel any early takers with the ‘we do everything’ approach.

This makes it extremely difficult to establish the following:

  1. Identify future clients
  2. Know who to market too
  3. Know what content to share

Once BPOs have established their service offer positioning, the vertical markets and industries tend to follow. Whether it’s data entry, customer services or customer support, getting the simple things right attracts the customers. There’s not a BPO out there who works across the complete set of 100 verticals below. Usually, the challenger BPOs find a cluster of four to six verticals based on establishing their initial route service offerings. Once a BPO can present one or two case studies for any given vertical, they are up and running.

Once you establish one or more verticals, you are ready to scale and attract more customers via leveraging vertical-driven marketing pursuit campaigns. Here’s the top 100 BPO verticals list.

  1. Healthcare BPO
  2. Finance and Accounting BPO
  3. Customer Service BPO
  4. IT Helpdesk BPO
  5. Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)
  6. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)
  7. Insurance BPO
  8. Travel and Hospitality BPO
  9. Telecom BPO
  10. Retail BPO
  11. Manufacturing BPO
  12. Real Estate BPO
  13. Data Entry and Data Processing BPO
  14. Mortgage Processing BPO
  15. Market Research Outsourcing
  16. Content Moderation Outsourcing
  17. Software as a Service BPO (SaaS)
  18. Transcription Services
  19. E-commerce Support Services
  20. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Outsourcing
  21. Graphic Design Outsourcing
  22. Animation and Multimedia Outsourcing
  23. Medical Billing and Coding Outsourcing
  24. Technical Support Outsourcing
  25. Legal Research Outsourcing
  26. Academic Research Outsourcing
  27. Social Media Management Outsourcing
  28. Virtual Assistant Services
  29. Training and Development Outsourcing
  30. Corporate Training Services
  31. Presentation Design Outsourcing
  32. Event Planning and Management Outsourcing
  33. Property Management Outsourcing
  34. Database Management Outsourcing
  35. Survey and Data Collection Services
  36. Document Management Outsourcing
  37. Translation and Interpretation Services
  38. Audio and Video Editing Outsourcing
  39. Engineering Design and CAD Outsourcing
  40. 3D Modeling and Rendering Services
  41. Market Analysis Outsourcing
  42. Web Development Outsourcing
  43. Mobile App Development Outsourcing
  44. Quality Assurance and Testing Services
  45. Video Production Outsourcing
  46. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  47. Lead Generation Services
  48. Appointment Setting Services
  49. Telemarketing Services
  50. Bookkeeping and Payroll Outsourcing
  51. Inventory Management Outsourcing
  52. Product Sourcing and Procurement Services
  53. Legal Document Preparation Outsourcing
  54. SEO and Digital Marketing Outsourcing
  55. Market Entry Support Services
  56. Business Consulting Outsourcing
  57. Branding and Identity Design Outsourcing
  58. Financial Analysis Outsourcing
  59. Tax Preparation Outsourcing
  60. Business Process Optimization Services
  61. Cybersecurity Services
  62. Disaster Recovery Services
  63. Content Writing and Copywriting Services
  64. Proofreading and Editing Services
  65. Data Analytics Outsourcing
  66. Software Development Outsourcing
  67. App Testing and Quality Assurance Services
  68. Game Development Outsourcing
  69. IT Infrastructure Management Services
  70. Cloud Computing Services
  71. Network Security Services
  72. Social Media Marketing Outsourcing
  73. Influencer Marketing Services
  74. Affiliate Marketing Management
  75. Email Marketing Services
  76. PPC Management Services
  77. Content Marketing Outsourcing
  78. Website Design and Development Services
  79. User Experience (UX) Design Services
  80. User Interface (UI) Design Services
  81. Mobile App Design Services
  82. Print Design Outsourcing
  83. Packaging Design Services
  84. Architectural Rendering Services
  85. Interior Design Outsourcing
  86. Fashion Design Services
  87. Jewelry Design Services
  88. Industrial Design Outsourcing
  89. Landscape Design Services
  90. Urban Planning Outsourcing
  91. Environmental Impact Assessment Services
  92. Market Entry Strategy Consulting
  93. Business Expansion Consulting
  94. Franchise Development Services
  95. Corporate Governance Consulting
  96. Compliance Management Services
  97. Supply Chain Consulting
  98. Project Management Outsourcing
  99. Change Management Consulting
  100. Executive Coaching Services

If your BPO challenger company works in any of the vertical above, get in touch to let us show you how to scale rapidly to 10,000 full-time employees.