Where should emerging BPO’s prioritize their sales and marketing spend?

With the Big Box BPOs spending an average of $260 million* per annum on sales and marketing, Challengers, with a fraction of the budget, lower brand awareness, and fewer logos have to prioritize their sales and marketing efforts to get to 10,000 FTEs. 

The key is FOCUS. Target activity to what moves the needle. 

In the past 5 years we have supported 5 Challenger BPOs to get to 10,000 FTEs and in most cases an acquisition or exit. 

This is our 10-point strategy for driving sales for Challengers sub 10,000 FTE.

  1. Powerfully Position
  2. Build your Sales Infrastructure
  3. Run Targeted Pursuit
  4. SEO 
  5. Create Engaging Events
  6. Love RFPs
  7. Close the Credibility Gap 
  8. Generate Proactive Proposals
  9. Run an Inspiring Site Visit 
  10. Offer Better Contract Terms